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Analyse diets and recipes, create fantastic food labels, discover the nutritional value of thousands of foods.

FoodinFocus2 is a highly flexible and powerful software package which has been designed to meet the requirements of Food Technology courses across the secondary school age range.
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Who is it for?

FoodinFocus2 has been designed to play an integral part of the delivery of Food Technology within the scope of the new Design and Technology curriculum at Key Stage 3 and into the demands of the new GCSE / GCE Food Technology specifications at Key Stage 4 and 5.

Food Technology teachers find FoodinFocus2 an extremely useful tool as they can interrogate the entire M&W database quickly and easily. It also allows teachers to ‘fine tune’ the diets and recipes before they introduce them to their students.

Students who are training to become nutritionists and dieticians will find FoodinFocus2 a useful tool in their everyday work.

School dinner staff have said that the software is a very useful for analysing the dishes on offer in the school canteen, allowing them to show graphically the nutritional breakdown of meals.

FoodinFocus2 is also suitable for home use, allowing people to create, analyse and modify their own recipes and diets.

Key features

Uses the McCance and Widdowson's 'The Composition of Foods’ (2009) updated integrated dataset which is based on the most up-to-date published values.

Each of the 3400+ database items can be analysed to show up to 40 nutrients.

Supports coursework and investigations for food product development.

Covers all major aspects of food and nutrition – including daily diets, recipe development & analysis and food labelling.

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What does it do?
In the light of the current high profile of food and nutrition in relation to young people, FoodinFocus2 has been designed to ensure that recent changes to legislation and current thinking are considered.

5 A DAY fruit and vegetable analysis.

Shows how a daily diet compares with the recommendations of the eatwell plate.

Extensive information on ‘Front of pack’ Nutritional Signpost Labelling including both ‘GDA-based’ information and the ‘Traffic light system’.

Ability to create, amend and analyse recipes in the My Recipes section.

Extended labelling to allow students to include 5 A DAY, allergy advice, ‘may contain’ information and vegetarian suitability on their recipe labels with their own product photograph.

Ability to design, view and rotate a 3-D model of students’ own labelled packaging.

Supporting information for independent student research.

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System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Windows
(e.g. Windows 7, Vista or XP).

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